Country Market

Corcoran Country Daze Country Market

Our annual Country Market started as a way to help showcase local artisans and their crafts. Over the years, it has grown into a key attraction of our Kid’s Day activities. The Country Market is available to local small businesses or organizations to showcase all of the unique talent we have in our community.

As a vendor at our market on Saturday, you will be allotted a booth space (10’ x 10’ area) to host your products and interact with attendees. If you make your own products/crafts or are a local non- or not-for-profit, we do not charge you for your spot. If you are a local business or are selling items that are not handmade, we charge $100 for the spot.

The Country Market is held during Kid’s Day, Saturday August 12th from 10am to 4pm. Our Kid’s Day is very popular, seeing more than 3,000 people come through the door. It’s a great way to get your goods and services in front of many, many people from our community.

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